Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Month Down... 23 to go!

So.. January has passed.. the snow is melting.. the superbowl is a week away... wait.. I am in Africa, where it is 80 degrees and our kids are just starting to practice futball, or soccer.

ugh.. there has been a lot going on this past month! we are doing surprisingly well, no more bouts of illness...maybe that comes with a vegetarian diet. People are always taking care of us... it is almost instant the second we mention we need something it usually arrives an hour later. One Saturday afternoon, I casually mentioned to our amayi that we have not been eating meat and inquired where in the market we could buy some chicken, low and behold the next morning a live chicken showed up with a Malawian with poor English. We decided what else could we do except tie it to the clothesline and provide it with an umbrella for shade.

Our amayi came over later and killed it, but there is something about boiling a dead chicken, plucking its feathers and playing with its intestines in your biology class that does not make chicken soup to appealing.

It will be back to the beans and rice and assortment of vegetables that are somewhat scarce. Still good.

Other news, we got electricity! We have vowed to only use it for charging electronics, since lights only attract the bugs anyway and it is not entirely reliable. oh well... at least we can watch episodes of 30 Rock in our 20 min of spare time before we fall asleep. Werewolf Bar mitzvah. Hilarious.

Teaching is still challenging with over 100 students who think that the best way to learn is to memorize notes written in complete sentences with words they do not understand, but I think they are finally starting to adjust to different teaching styles now that the first term is coming to an end, soon we will discover the pain of grading 400 exams. Will let you know how it goes...

Hope all is well with you, internet is scarce so please continue to send letters and dont forget comfort food!!!

miss you all!

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  1. Your Asian PrincessFebruary 17, 2010 at 6:31 PM

    Well don't spoil all of the fun activities that we're going to do when I visit!! Save something for me to be surprised about! haha. Oh...and All Night got a job and is hoping to visit in Sept too!! Miss you (and your tree-hugging-urine-fertilizing-eating disorder-harry hubby) and love ya!! Call you soon.