Wednesday, September 16, 2009

9 days until we see if it is really Sunny in Philadelphia

Here it is... my first blog! long time coming, I know.

First of all, thank you to all of you who could make it to our wedding/ going away party last Friday. It is incredibly overwhelming to try to catch up with everyone, so my apologies to those of you I missed, or who snuck out too early to see Gary and Kris get their dance on. Truly the highlight, even if the spotlight had to come off of me for one minute..

As most of you know, Kris and I are currently unemployed, spending alot of time catching up on sleep, loving the new season of football, and tyring not to drive one another crazy about Thank you cards.. (they are coming I swear!) We leave in exactly 9 days and so I thought I would post our itinerary for the big departure.

Friday, Sept. 25~ 6 :00 am fly out of Madison


6:40 am- arrive in Milwaukee (ridiculous right??)

7:45 am- leave Milwaukee

10:55 am- arrive in Philadelphia for Orientation

2 pm- Check in for Shots...sign over our lives, meet others who are putting their lives in the hands of our fine government.

7pm- Staging over...

we now know everything we need to about the Peace Corps, right?

Saturday, Sept. 26~ 2:30 AM bus to JKF (approx. 2+ hours)

11:35 am ish (haven't received exact African flight info yet)

15 1/2 hours in the air to beautiful South Africa

Sunday Sept. 27~ 8:55 am arrive in Johannesburg


We will spend our first weekend in the city of Dedza which is about 85 km southeast of the capital city Lilongwe.

We think (from reading other blogs) you can send us mail to an office in Lilongwe until we figure out where we will be more permanently.. around Christmas!

This is probably enough for my first letter, I have to get back to taking all of the gifts and new purchases for our journey out of its original packaging and having Kris explain to me how it all works!!


  1. I'm so excited to keep hearing about the trip! The wedding was great.. have an awesome time love u!! - Missy

  2. Hope you like it there dude your missed back home. take care Love Julie

  3. Jen,
    I can't believe you are really in the Peace Corps! Two years ago when I first met you it was merely a crazy idea of "the boy"! I hope you guys have a great time and it is all that you two hoped it would be. I am so happy for the both of you.

  4. Holla-

    Glad to hear you made it to Malawi alright. Just got back from Maui; it was gorgeous!! Counting down the days until I can come visit. Not sure if you've had the opportunity to check out the badgers, but since you left, we beat MI state 38-30, MN (papa was out of control that day, but I put him in his place...) 31-28; lost to OSU 31-13 and Iowa 21-10. Bye this week, next week Purdue at home. I'll keep you posted!

    Also John's play is going well. I heard from that papa brought his entourage to see it last week. He was very excited.

    Well, that's about all I can think of to say now. I hope this was as long and obnoxious as leaving a 5 min. message.



  5. I am happy you and Kris are adjusting so well! It makes me proud to know you are both making such a difference~ I miss you terribly, but love the letters and know this is where you are suppose to be!
    7weeks until I graduate and become a grown up! 2 more football Saturdays and then, maybe, I will get to enjoy one!
    I love you so much!
    P.S. I am going to Haiti in Januray

  6. Hi Jen,

    Glad you made it over to Malawi okay. Hope all is well and you guys are having a good time soaking in the new culture over there. Packers sucked tonight lost by one point. Oh well, time to move on to basketball. I hope you guys have a great Christmas and hope to talk to you soon!

    Take care and miss you much,